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Terms and Conditions


  • Customer acknowledges that they are familiar with the safe operation of a BBQ.
  • “Before” and “After” pictures may be taken by the BBQ Technician for purposes of recording the results of the job, posting on our website, and other social media channels.
  • Water is used to clean your BBQ. As a result, automatic igniters and other components such as SEAR and Infra-Red Burners may get wet and may need to “dry-out” for approximately 24 hours or until water in the BBQ has evaporated in order to operate properly.
  • I hereby agree to the charges and pricing as indicated on this form and understand that the BBQ cleaning price is separate from the pricing for any new or refurbished parts and labor provided. I authorize BBQ Renew LLC to provide the labor and materials as specified on this form in order to complete the job.


I hereby authorize BBQ Renew to perform the work as described on this work order and to furnish the necessary materials and parts to perform the work. I understand that any pricing quoted is an estimate and that additional costs may be incurred as the inspection, repair work or job progresses. I understand that certain changes in the work required, material costs, amount of materials needed, customer requests, and other factors may result in a change of the estimated pricing on this form. I acknowledge that I have been informed in the event that any potential additional cost is required to complete the job. However, in the event I decline any additional cost, I agree to pay the amount due for the work performed up to that point.

  1. SIZE - BBQ’s above 30" or that have not been professionally cleaned by us, there could be a minimum $50 additional charge. To be determined by the BBQ Technician upon arrival.
  2. IGNITERS - Proper cleaning of the BBQ involves removal of rust, grease and other debris from the interior of the BBQ and around the igniter components. Although every effort is made to work carefully around the igniter electrodes in the interior of the BBQ, occasionally the igniters are old, corroded and/or rusted out. Any cleaning around the igniter components may cause them to be altered in their position or may simply break apart (unfortunately there is no way around this issue). Therefore we simply cannot guarantee an igniter will continue to operate reliably for any length of time after the cleaning process. However the technician will demonstrate that the BBQ operates properly (usually the igniter will work) at the conclusion of the job. If the automatic igniter does not function properly after the cleaning process, it may be in need of replacement. We carry all types of automatic igniter components and can replace the igniters on virtually any BBQ. However, there is an additional cost to replace the igniters.
  3. COMPONENTS - In order to clean all the components of a BBQ, certain screws, nuts, bolts, etc. may need to be removed. It is possible that during the disassembly process a part of the BBQ may be old, corroded, rusted and/or worn-out without the prior knowledge of the technician until such part is removed. Various parts may break during the removal or cleaning process. If this occurs, the Technician will inform the customer and a new part may need to be purchased by the customer in order to properly re-assemble the BBQ.
  4. DEMONSTRATION - We will demonstrate to the customer that the BBQ is functioning and all requested services have been completed at the conclusion of the job. The customer is to inspect the work and inform us immediately (within 48 hours) if there is a problem that needs to be corrected. In the event a customer feels like there is a problem that needs correction after the conclusion of the job and beyond the 48 hour time frame there may be an additional Service Call charge of $80.
  5. BURN MARKS & GREASE - Even though we will give our best attempt at removal of burn marks and baked on grease during the cleaning process, some BBQ’s may continue to show residual heat and grease stains after cleaning.
  6. RUST & CORROSION - Once rust and corrosion has set in to a BBQ it is virtually impossible to remove it. In certain situations we will recommend new parts at an additional cost.
  7. ISLANDS - BBQ Islands from where a BBQ is being worked on may have loose or cracked tiles, grout or other “issues” we may not be aware of during the service process. We cannot guarantee the tiles, grout or other items will not be altered or affected by the removal or re-installation process. In the event BBQ Island tile, grout or other repairs need to be done after the BBQ has been reinstalled, there may be an additional cost for the work to be performed.
  8. PARTS INSTALLATION - There is a minimum $40 fee for us to install parts that customers purchased on their own. Additional labor charges may apply depending on the parts being installed. We have found many times the customer purchased parts are incorrect. If the customer has provided the incorrect parts, there will be an additional $80 fee for us to come back out.  Let us get the parts, we are the experts!
  9. RETURNED CHECKS - There is a $75 surcharge for “cancel/returned” checks. If there is any issue with repair or cleaning, call or e-mail us we can arrange to fix the issue.
  10. CANCELLATIONS - There is a $80 service charge and a 25% restocking fee for all cancellations.
  11. OTHER FEES - Other fees/costs may apply and will be communicated by the technician prior to any work requiring additional costs.
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